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Eco-HAB & IntelliCage - fully automatically devices for behavioral testing

Eco-HAB & IntelliCage - fully automated devices for behavioral testing

Time: TBA

Place: TBA

Number of Participants: 10

Trainers: Maciek Winiarski, MSc (Laboratory of Neurobiology of Emotions, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology)



Note: Only participants who registered for the Conference are eligible to attend the workshops.


Classical assays for behavioral testing has played a key role in neuroscience. However, they are time-consuming and sensitive to small changes in the testing environment. Nowadays technology allows to develop fully automated devices that replace classical assays. For example, IntelliCage was developed to test to test cognitive skills (like learning), whereas Eco-HAB allows for testing social behaviors (f.e. social preference).
Workshop will introduce the principles of behavioral testing to the participants and answer following questions: Why we need behavioral science and why it is worth using automated behavioral test. The next part of the workshops will explain how to design and prepare automated experiments. The participants will have an opportunity to learn how to assemble Eco-HAB and IntelliCage systems and how to use specialized software to control cages and collect data.


Maciej Winiarski (Laboratory of Neurobiology of Emotions, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Science) is a PhD student in the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw, Poland. He works in the lab of Ewelina Knapska on the neural circuitry underlying social interactions of different emotional valence. He graduated from the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw. In his work he uses such techniques as fully automated behavioral tests (IntelliCage, Eco-HAB) and electron microscopy techniques.